District/School Resources


Virtural Tutoring

In the current era of COVID-19 and the racial/civil unrest, today's youth are experiencing an undue amount of pressure.

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Synergy Days

The purpose of synergy is to build upon your existing campus community by bringing together a diverse group of students in one space to increase connection and understanding.


 UnConscious Bias Training

 The positive steps organizations can take to manage hidden biases and reduce their negative effects on workplace decisions and diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.


Restorative Practice Training

Restorative justice repairs the harm caused by crime. When victims, offenders and community members meet to decide how to do that, the results can be transformational.


Anti-racism Workshops

These workshops are appropriate for individuals who have little or no knowledge about privilege, anti-racism, oppression, and intercultural issues.


Anti- Bullying Training

In order to stop bullying, a school-wide anti-bullying program for students needs to tackle several fronts, including school culture, parent involvement, and community engagement.