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Tawon Green 

Executive Director

Introducing Tawon Green, a compassionate advocate hailing from the Westside of San Bernardino. In his journey, Tawon has witnessed firsthand the profound impact of socioeconomic status on individuals' voices and sense of agency.


Driven by a deep-seated passion for equity and justice, he has dedicated himself to providing unwavering support to those whose voices have been silenced by systemic barriers. At the heart of Tawon's mission lies a steadfast commitment to empowering individuals to reclaim their narratives and chart a course toward personal growth and fulfillment.


With empathy as his guiding principle, he endeavors to walk alongside his clients on their journey toward self-discovery, resilience, and transformation.

Join Tawon as he continues to champion the cause of those whose voices have been marginalized and overlooked.


Together, let's pave the way for a future where every individual has the opportunity to thrive and shine brightly as their authentic selves.

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