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School & Districts

We are dedicated to fostering a dynamic learning environment that meets the evolving needs of students and educators alike. Our programs are designed to inspire, educate, and empower individuals across all levels of education.

Anti-Racism Workshop

The Clay Counseling Foundation Anti-Racism workshops are designed for individuals who have little or no knowledge about privilege, anti-racism, oppression, and intercultural issues. These workshops stress the interconnection between fundamental concepts and new knowledge, techniques, methodologies, and skills.

Synergy Days

Partner with our team to host Synergy Days at your school. The purpose of Synergy Day is to build upon your existing campus community by bringing together a diverse group of students in one space to increase connection and understanding, as well as to communicate shared experiences. Students participate in exciting getting-to-know-you activities, engage in meaningful dialogue, and are given an opportunity to openly share what it is like to be a student on their campus.

Anti-Bullying Workshops

In order to stop bullying, a schoolwide anti-bullying program for students needs to tackle several fronts, including school culture, parent involvement, and community engagement. The Clay Counseling Foundation’s Positive Action Anti-Bullying Program combines these strategies and more into one comprehensive approach to help children in their navigation through the intense social dynamics of childhood and adolescence.

Unconscious Bias Training

In response to growing racist incidents across the globe, school leaders must take action to ensure their diverse campuses are both equitable and inclusive. Unconscious bias training assists these efforts by raising awareness of the mental shortcuts that lead to quick judgments about people—often based on race and gender. The training’s goal is to reduce bias in attitudes and behaviors at school, including interactions between students and leadership.

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