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Chanel Treadwell is our Clinical Director. She has a Masters in Clinical Counseling, a Bachelors in Psychology and a minor in Diversity studies. Her own multicultural upbringing and training provides her with great empathy and multicultural competency when working with her clients. Chanel's previous internships have spanned work with clients as young as toddlers and across various walks of life. 


Chanel also has her PPS credential and has engaged in several school counseling internships at both the elementary and high school levels, as well as a site counselor internship at the middle school level. Her drive comes from a wish that school counselors were available when she was a young student, and now working to fill that gap for the current generation of students. 

Chanel is currently our Clinical Director and Clinical Counselor Clay Counseling Solutions. She is available to work with students at their school site, as well as children, individuals, couples, and families here at the CCS office. 

Always be true to yourself. Surround yourself with people you can be authentic with. Live each day how you want life to look, not how others expect life to look. You are amazing!

- Chanel

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