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Just Smile

Just a simple smile can go a long way towards feeling better. True you won't feel like doing hard work in your garden every day especially when it's the hottest days of summer your body aches, and pains again. Having special plants and tools designed simply to make you smile can go a long way towards coping with life issues giving you many happy thoughts.

Our new sprinkler system is such a great tool in the garden. Once all the tweaking is done I can smile whenever I watch it work or just remember the sprinklers makes my vacation possible.

This year I planted flowers with my usual veggies and herbs. So now even if I'm not eating the plant whenever I go out to sneak a peek I have beauty and colors that bring a smile in a space to release all my cares of the world.

Think of which one of these plants in the summer garden make you smile and why?

Roses -are still blooming, dark pink and pink some deep red and some soft pink.

Marigolds - deep orange, yellow, and others deep red with orange constantly blooming now.

Lemongrass - finally growing strong, lemon scented perfectly tiered. Now it's saying" eat me now"!

Cantaloupe – starting from sprout in the compost. Now five almost ripe melons and still flowering.

Colored Swiss chard - not like it's brother green chard it's really waiting for fall to shoot forward. Moving it maybe a welcome sight. Plan to Grow, Plan to Smile is Planning to Live Healthy!

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