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Director of Technology 

Devin Clay is not just an engineering student; he's a beacon of positivity and community spirit. With a profound commitment to serving as a positive role model, Devin extends his passion for STEM beyond the classroom, uplifting students of all ages to embrace the wonders of science, technology, engineering, and math.

From elementary school to college, Devin's enthusiasm for learning is infectious. He transforms complex concepts into engaging adventures, with a particular knack for making math accessible and enjoyable. Whether leading workshops, tutoring sessions, or simply sharing his love for STEM, Devin's dedication shines through, inspiring those around him to reach for the stars.

But what truly sets Devin apart is his welcoming smile, a signature feature that lights up any room. Devin embraces everyone he meets with warmth and kindness, creating a supportive environment where curiosity thrives and dreams take flight.

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